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Blaming Muslims AgainTerror Attacks in Sri Lanka Countercurrents

Blaming Muslims AgainTerror Attacks in Sri Lanka Countercurrents


I am very disappointed at countries and individuals who have not verified the truth about who was behind the latest rounds of terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka ...

This article is a sequel to my last piece “Blaming Muslims Again! Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka” (Countercurrents, April 23, 2019).

In the times we live in, where smoke and mirrors are the world's two chief weapons of war, fiction is a better guide to contemporary events than 'facts' ...

Sri Lanka explosions: More than 200 killed, Churches and hotels targeted

On 14 and 15 May 2019, revenge violence broke out in a number of towns in Sri Lanka against Muslim shopkeepers by Christians motivated by the Easter Sunday ...

Sri Lanka does not seem to have returned to its normal conditions even after six days' of the Easter-day carnage. Panic still grew and fears of unexpected ...

Notre Dame is an iconic edifice of French culture and of Humanity and the conflagration has shocked the world, as have the recent Christchurch Massacres in ...

10 Questions on Sri Lanka Easter Day Bombings?

madge says:

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The intermediate examination board of Telangana has created a massive systemic crisis. About 20 students have already committed suicide and many more are ...

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On First April, in many societies & Western countries, lies are spread in the shape of jokes, hoax & pranks by people on their friends, relatives, ...

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On the nationally-televised “60 minutes” program last night, John Shipton, Julian Assange's father, issued a powerful call for his son's freedom.

The election manifesto of the Bharatiya Janata Party has been recently announced and MGNREGA has been completely ignored in the manifesto.

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In 2011 Swami Nigmanand died on the 115th day of his fast against illegal mining in Haridwar. Matri Sadan, the ashram with which he was associated alleges ...

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On Tuesday, 23 April 2019, the United Nations Security Council voted resolution N° 2467 concerning the use of rape as a weapon in times of armed conflict.

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Blaming Muslims Again!Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka – Countercurrents | HARIOM in 2019 | Latest news headlines, Sri Lanka, International news

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