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Beware for these most common taxi scams around the world Best of

Beware for these most common taxi scams around the world Best of


Beware for these most common taxi scams around the world! Aside from your regular pickpockets

Beware for these most common taxi scams around the world! Aside from your regular pickpockets

Scams by taxi drivers

Do you know how to protect yourself against common taxi scams? Before you hail your

Taxi Scams around the world

Bruno Morandi / robertharding / Getty Images. This scam is most ...

How to avoid travel scams

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8 top tips on how to avoid taxi scams

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Pin these pictures and save for later!

20 common tourist scams in india

Airport Scams in NAIA | MoneyMax.ph

From our own learning, some of it the hard way, we hope the following ten examples will give you the tools to feel confident in dealing with scams around ...

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5 Tourist Scams to Watch Out for in Thailand


A black and white photo of the 3 card monte scam travel

Making the Taxi Ride Longer. Scam — This a very common ...

No matter where you go, there will be scammers trying to rip you off.

How to avoid Hanoi Scams so that you have the best time

Big shot or big swindle?

There are all sorts of scams targeted at photographers. But there has recently been a new one that has reportedly tricked at least 100 people so far.

Common Scams in Costa Rica and How to Avoid Them

Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world with over 11 million tourists every year. The major reasons to visit Mexico are delicious food, ...

This guide will share 5 types of tourist scams in China that I've experienced. What are the most common ...

As sure as the Ganges flows into the Bay of Bengal, you will encounter one of these common scams in India. The trick is to know how to identify a scammer ...

Some scams can be easily avoided, yet others are far more difficult to spot. Here are five common train scams found around the world.

The Biggest Uber, Lyft, and Taxi Scams -- and How to Avoid Them

Taxi scam

Bangkok Thailand Taxi Tuk Tuk

How to Hail a Taxi Around the World

Common Travel Scams Hong Kong China

The most common scams operating in Argentina. The best tips to avoid fake money, the bird poop scam, dishonest taxis and more tourist targeted crime.

15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them)! More at ExpertVagabond.

Thailand tuk tuks and palaces

Marrakech Scams: The Taxi Scam and How to Avoid it

Don't fall victim to the popular Thailand scam involving pricey tuk-tuks.

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Travel Safety Tips: 6 Common Scams to Beware

Taxi cab in Manila Philippines

The London Underground. Photo: Thinkstock

ISTANBUL: Top 5 Scams to Watch Out for (And How to Avoid Them)

Common tourist scams UK

Tell us what Common Travel Scams you've fallen for around the world.

Common travel scams and how to avoid them

Scams in Bali, Bali Gate, street in Bali, architecture

Thailand's taxis are notorious for scamming.

Common Scams in Krakow and Eastern Europe to Avoid

Officials from Palma de Mallorca Airport are warning tourists to beware of pickpockets and scams (Image: GETTY)

Avoiding travel scams in Paris

Travel Scams Around the world

This type of scam can be seen in cities like London, Barcelona or Paris. What happens is the attention of passersby is diverted by a person that does “ ...

Scams in Hanoi - How to avoid them

Watch out for currency-exchange deals that seem too good to be true

Nothing ruins your taste for a new destination like being scammed or overcharged the moment you step out of the airport. But before you get a little angry ...

Bangkok Taxis

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Caution will pay

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Free Taxi Scam

Beware the Taxi Scam in Belgrade, Serbia · Adventures, Around the World ...

Taxi - avoid airport scams

Robocalls are out of control, and these were the most common types in 2018

Uber Scams and Other Tricks: How They Work. Uber is one of the most popular transportation platforms in the world ...

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Pin these scams to avoid in India for later:

Scams in Marrakech - how to avoid them


travel scams - fake watches

Common Travel Scams Targeted at Twenty-Somethings and How to Dodge Them on the Road

7 Most Common Travel Scams in Hong Kong & China (and how to avoid them)

Mexico City Taxi Cabs. This ...

Top scams to watch out for in Rome

13. The one with the fake restaurant voucher

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