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BEEZ in the Belfry Tangle of the Week Cadent Zentangles

BEEZ in the Belfry Tangle of the Week Cadent Zentangles


Pin by "Stamping with Bibiana" on Cards: Zentangle | Zentangle, Zentangle patterns, Tangle doodle

Tangle of the Week - Btl Joos

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Crescent Moon


BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Poke Root

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Crescent Moon | doodling | Zentangle patterns, Tangle patterns, Zentangle

have a great week.

At first I was intrigued by the pattern on the seat. But then I realized that, not only is the entire chair a Zentangle ...

While this tangled heart demonstrates the love and connectedness, there's also a secret to it. It stays mum on the fact that I've never been a big fan of ...

Hopefully it won't be that long before my next post! This week's challenge combines 2 of my favorite tangles, Flux and NZeppel.

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Striping

wpid-20140804_195352.jpg ...

Maggie,center,on the practice field with the LSU Golden Girls

You'll learn how to get the ideas out of your head and onto your journal page. Even if you think you can't draw.



So i found this incomplete and abandoned tile that i had used when i was learning how to draw that tangle Drawings - i had used a fountain pen, ...

Pure Zentangle

... BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Drupe Zentangle Drawings, Zentangle Patterns ...

Something new from CZT IX

Moonburst 1 Moonburst 2 ...

It's a variation on the pattern Cadent, i call it "Kuzek" (after my friend, cuz she's awesome!) (also, you'll see my name on the picture up there, ...


Sandy Steen Bartholomew

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week


In the meantime a lot has changed. By now there are more than 30 CZTs in Germany, me being one of them. I travelled to Providence this spring and enjoyed ...

have a great week everyone!

... BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Hollibaugh Zentangle Drawings, Zentangle Patterns ...

I know I need to make up for quite a few weeks without Tangles! So here is the page from my journal where I recorded some of the great patterns I found:

Moonburst 1 ...


BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Knightsbridge Official Zentangle Pattern as shown by Sandra Steen Bartholomew CZT

This week started off pretty great. One night i was sitting at the kitchen table tangling another Shattuck Tile:

My ...

It wasn't my intention to create a duo-tangle, but sometimes you just get in the zone, and today was one of those times.

60th Anniversary

... x 768 ...

Enthusiastic Artist: DUTCH HOURGLASS tangle instructions

... Hairy -BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week. Reminds me more of ...

And here are closeups of the tangles on the covers. I had to experiment to see which tangles translate to the leather. Cadent and Shattuck were the easiest ...



The step outs for 123 OLeary can be found at this link

Tangle A Day 2013Mardi Gras(unshaded) Rain, Socc, Print Temps

Explore these ideas and much more!

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Pane & Beedle

... Doodles Zentangles,; Square Fragments Patterns Chart 5 x 8 | Etsy Tangle Art, Tangle Doodle, Zen ...

Image result for zentangle patterns step by step

Both of these patterns are official Zentangle Tangles, and the instructions for these patterns can be found in the Zentangle Newsletters - links below.

Table Numbers

32 Alphabet “Tangle”

... Zentangle 101 07 12 14

But you are so overly aware of the things that are NOT good, that they block out the good stuff?

However, when I encountered peanuckle again it was a smoother experience. This time I was at. CZT Seminar and the tangle just seemed to make more sense.

The ...

Below are some of the items I have tangled lately and some I am offering as a class.

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week

My finished tile

... BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle Card Challenge #1 - Y.A.F. Doodle Drawings, Zentangle ...

Come to My Window

wpid-20140804_195352.jpg wpid-20140804_195326.jpg

48 References http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/zentangle/Detail?no=8

I like how the string ended up making it look like a 'figure' - and since Somnee is named after a night of insomnia, i thought the starry background was ...

Tangle of the Week - Bales

Tangled heart

Tangled Toms, Redux

Chambray-Tangle Pattern | by molossus, who says Life Imitates Doodles

this week's challenge is to try out Jody's new tangle. You don't have to do a monotangle, i just happened to.


Basically it is about Zentangle meeting Delftware; how to use different shades of blue in our tangling. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the many faces ...

Tangle of the Week - Printemps

This is my contribution .

Side ...

Finery - Original Zentangle pattern



The key in the tangle, in my opinion, is to trace the shapes as best you can, only rounding out the corners. Rick says: imagine squishing a water balloon ...

I suppose you could keep adding rings, but after four, it looks more like mosaic and less like a manhole cover. Nothing wrong with mosaics though!

I tried to deconstruct some of the patterns I found as you can see in the collage. There was one tile in a museum I especially liked.

Basket of Flowers

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Punch tangle pattern

Embracing Zendalas

... excited about this new craft store (link provided), Valley Stamp & Scrap, that opened in May of this year not only because it's right in my neck of the ...

heart string zendala

Tangle of the Week - BB

If you are interested to see some more of my work look up my website www.nord-tangle.de

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Eke Doodle Designs, Doodle Patterns

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Mosaic Number One

And here are the step outs for it – I'm still honing my skills in that department!

Using the tangle "Facets" created by Nancy Pinke, CZT instructions for this tangle can be found in the ZT Newsletter, here

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week - Pane & Beedle

AND because i love you all, and because i had a little bit of juice in the tank this afternoon - i even made a process video.


So this week try out Onion Drops in your tile! It doesn't have to be a monotangle.

BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Week

Yeh, you're right, I didn't finish drawing in all those stripey balls on the front of the card. You can help me out.