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At the Battle of Chamkaur SikhNet Saragarhi Battle Travel

At the Battle of Chamkaur SikhNet Saragarhi Battle Travel


At the Battle of Chamkaur | SikhNet

Beyond Chamkaur: Wars, Battles & Memories

At the Battle of Chamkaur | SikhNet

Guru Gobind Singh accompanying Sahibzada Ajit Singh & Jujhar Singh to the top floor of the mud fort at Chamkaur.

Second battle of Chamkaur Sahib. From SikhiWiki

Guru Gobind Singh providing protection cover for the Sahibzade

“Blessed is that land, blessed is that father, blessed is the great mother

Sahibzada Ajit Singh saying farewell to his father, Guru Gobind Singh

Akali Sikh Warriors: Battle of Sobraon on 10th February 1846 during the First Sikh War

Sahibzada Jujhar Singh watches his brother Ajit Singh in action with their father, Guru Gobind Singh

#BackToHistory 52nd Sikh regiment in Kohat 1905, Pakistan! Kohat is a medium sized

News: Good & Bad

At the Battle of Chamkaur | SikhNet

ਸ਼ਹੀਦੀ ਦਿਵਸ - Shaheedi Vadde Sahibzaada Baba Ajit Singh - Chaar Sahibzaade Movie Fight Scene

Depiction of the Sahibzada Ajit Singh at the Battle of Chamkaur , painting by Bhagat Singh Bedi

Whose son has shown the way to live, for centuries to come.” | Saragarhi | Muslim, …

The 36th Sikhs were raised in 1887 at a time when Russian expansion was feared and the North-West Frontier needed strong fortification.

At the Battle of Chamkaur | SikhNet. Amarjit Singh · Saragarhi · SikhiArt 15% OFF for SikhNet visitors - Enter CODE

The ruins of the Saragarhi signal post, defended to the last by Havildar Ishar Singh and his 20 men of the 36th Sikhs. Fort Lockhart is on the skyline, ...

Golden temple fix fulll.jpg

The Battle of Chamkaur,' was a battle fought between the Khalsa, led by Guru Gobind Singh, against the Mughal forces led by Wazir Khan and other Mughal ...

First battle of Chamkaur Sahib. From SikhiWiki

#BackToHistory Marshall Arjan Singh with pilots of No 1 Squadron by a Hawker Hurricane aircraft

See The Battle of Saragarhi. See MySikhSense.com. See Your First Visit To A Sikh Gurdwara. See 10 Things To Know About Sikhism.

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They may be cut apart, piece by piece, but they never leave the field of battle. 22.

At a trial in a kangaroo court where they pointedly refused to recant their faith, the two were sentenced to death and bricked up alive.

Kuch special

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In their Memory

went to witness this Morcha. Sardar Kartar Singh Saraba, the only son of S

"The one, incomprehensible in spirit, uniquely brave, And of limitless courage, was made manifest." (Bhai Gurdas Singh)

1/11 Gorkha Rifles fought legendary battle on formidable Khalubar ridge

The Narcissism of Small Differences

(This date of 5th December is changed to add 14 days more due to change of Gregory calendar in 1752, now 5th December may be known as 19th November).

... devotion to duty & splendid loyalty to their orders and to their leaders make a record their nation should look back with pride for many generations".

At the Sikh Regimental Center. Colorful attire.

The two elder sons, called the "Vadde Sahibzade", died fighting the enemy

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At the Battle of Chamkaur | SikhNet

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Image. Guru Gobind Singh makes a reference to this battle ...

IPOH, MALAYSIA: An exhibition of photographs of Sikh soldiers will offer Malaysians a rare glimpse of their military contributions all over the world, from ...

love and commitment. Seva is the most important conduct expected of a true Sikh.

Ang 861 – Merai man prem lago har teer - Ang 861 - ਮੇਰੈ ਮਨਿ ਪ੍ਰੇਮੁ

Saragarhi Memorial Gurdwara at Firozpur

Animation projects based on the comics, and later some fiction are also on the list. “There is a huge demand for translating these into Hindi and Punjabi ...

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On the 8th August 1914 the first two Indian troops to fight in World War I left India headed for Egypt to be held in reserve. However, the fighting on the ...

At the Battle of Chamkaur | SikhNet | Saragarhi | Battle, Travel, Taj mahal

The Battle Of Mukatsar Sahib (40 Mukte) | Mai Bhago - Pr.Surinder Singh (Member SGPC) by TV84

How the Saragarhi 21 Sikhs Fought

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Born in Amritsar India, Kanwar Singh Dhillon has been engaged in the process of art making for as long as he can remember. He is influenced by a host of ...

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Comics on Sikh history and a six-part graphic novel on Guru Nanak's life take a look at the bygone times in a creative way


B company, Battalion, New Zeland Brigade advance during battle for Cassino

List of Sikhs

Locate GurdwarasEkamSikh App Features | ਾਡੀ ਨਿੀਂ "ਗ੍ੁਰਦੁਆਰਾ ਲਿੱ ਭੋ" ਸਿਸੇਸਤਾ, ਇਿੱਕ ਜੀ

No Longer Seen as a 'White War' or India's 'Forgotten War'

But their elder son Ram Rai Ji wanted to meet Aurengzeb in Delhi. And he

Guru Gobind Singh

... devoted his life to the Panth, and when the time came for him to answer the call of the Panth, he would be one of the foremost warriors in every battle.

Saragarhi Niwas Amritsar Room

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Guru Gobind Singh and Hari Chand. From SikhiWiki

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The spirit of Fire #sawalakh

2017 Annual Report

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#TBT to #SaragarhiDay 2017 marking 120th anniversary of #Saragarhi with release of Saragarhi

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These are Sikh men and Muslim women. Women can be identified as Muslims.

Parmatma da naam hi kewal Ander nu shant kr skda ..... @

Aattri (Punjab): SGPC President returns back after attending ground .

British Army marks Battle of Saragarhi


He is married to Mrs Baljeet Arora and has two sons. His interests include reading, music and travelling.

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Eihu Kehai Nanak Satgur Milia Dhhavath Thhanmihaa Nij Ghar Vasia Aaeae ||4||

The Battle. The burnt-out interior of Saragarhi where the bodies of 21 brave men of the 36th Sikhs were found on the 14th September after the seige on 12th.

Siri Guru Granth Sahib | SikhNet

The Golden Temple is a sacred shrine for Sikhs

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The battle of Saragarhi to be potrayed in a film

Contribution of Sikhs in China | SikhNet

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There have been various instances in the past where Sikhs have not been allowed to wear

Guru Gobind Singh meets with the Sangat

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