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As a mom of identical twins I am often asked how do you tell them

As a mom of identical twins I am often asked how do you tell them


As a mom of identical twins, I am often asked: "how do you tell them apart?". It get easier as they get older but I have to admit, I was a little ...

Mom of Twins Posts Hilarious Sign Answering Questions. Mom's Hilarious Photo Puts an End to Obnoxious Questions About Her Twins

I have had every question asked lol. Twins Questions Fraternal Stein

The big change happened in the summer before kindergarten when they really started to flex their independent sides. That meant not wanting my help getting ...

how can you tell identical twins apart

What to Expect Irish Twins

Finding out you're pregnant is an exciting time most women. I'm a mother of twins and I know how thrilling it can be to learn you're having twins, ...

Thanks to my fiancé, I'm fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and, needless to say, we don't see the light of day all that often.

Quotes About Twins

children are worse when mom is around

Mum turns seven-year-old twins into Instagram stars with 546k followers

You have to rely a lot on Mother Nature when it comes to your baby's gender and genetics, however, If you are desperate to conceive twins, then there are ...

I'm About to Become a Twin Mom & This is What Terrifies Me the Most

One of the most commonly asked questions to moms of twins has to do with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Conjoined Twin Sisters Tell Their Story: 'Being By Her … It's So Calming' | Megyn Kelly TODAY

When is the festival?

Ever wondered what the chances of having twins are? Find out just how likely multiples

Twin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to ...

Mom Discipline Daughter Covering Ears

Can A Blind Person Tell Identical Twins Apart? // Dolan Twins ft Molly Burke

Jaqi generally takes a back seat role, but every so often posts gorgeous pictures of

I was reminded the other day of how often we presume that a twin's challenges are related to the twinship. A mom of five-year-old identical twin boys ...

Identical twins like these boys do not run in families. Fraternal twins can though.

People often ask me what it was like to raise twins (was?!)- as if they aren't considered 'twins' once they are beyond the cute toddling ages.

How a 'Happiness Project' and Prayer Helped This Mother Survive Losing Twins

Feel like talking for a while? Tell them the Nigerian legend that the oldest twin actually pushes the younger twin out of the womb. So the first born is ...

Among parents, dads get all the fun and moms the stress and fatigue

Ideal Age Gap Kids

Marketplace host Charlsie Agro, left, and her identical twin sister, Carly, check out some DNA ancestry results. (CBC)

Identical Twins Hint at How Environments Change Gene Expression

How to Start a Mom Blog for the New Beginner | This step-by-

The little girl was a miracle baby born two years after the most traumatic event of

"Three Identical Strangers"

As a parent of twins you know that the firstborn is the oldest. Should you

The Doctor Is Perplexed.Congratulations, It's Twins. The Doctor Is Perplexed.

Their mother, Heather, says her sons suffered from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a condition that can occur in pregnancies when identical twins share a ...

Twin girls in identical dresses sitting on a cough

Jennifer Lopez, Twins, Max, Emme

It was so important for me to write this blog post with as much detail as possible. When I was pregnant with our twins I searched high and low to find a ...

Adorable biracial twins turn heads, spread message of unity

#nollygrio #nollygriobeauty #nollygriouplifting

An illustration fo a pregnant woman

This really surprised us and our mom when we told her because her doctor told her, with confidence, as soon as we were born that we had two placentas, ...

The Twins That Are Neither Identical nor Fraternal

I created the course to help twin moms feel less scared, more confident, and better prepared for bringing home twins. I poured everything I know about what ...

twin boys with dad

Young Mother Public Breastfeeding In Cafe


In Studies of Virtual Twins, Nature Wins Again


One And The Same: My Life As An Identical Twin And What I've ...

"I'm having twins! What do I need to know?" is a question we hear often at Twiniversity. We polled our community of twin parents and serve up the answers.

Think you're carrying multiples? You might be right—twins are on the


I'm About to Become a Twin Mom & This is What Terrifies Me the

Actually sometimes we all matched, and I was often the staple of these ensembles. When we didn't, I did my own thing or I rocked a matching Lilly Pulitzer ...

This Mom's Full-Time Job Is Posting To Instagram And This Is What It's Like

2 sets of identical twins switched at birth reunite

This year our celebrity judging panel Giovanna Fletcher, Rochelle Humes, Kate Garraway and Sun

The problem with Nadya in this case was the fact that she was an unemployed woman living on food stamps and could barely provide for her six children before ...

David Kellman, Robert "Bobby" Shafran and director Tim Wardle attend the world premiere "Three Identical Strangers" during the Sundance Film Festival on ...

Baby Born Pregnant with Her Own Twins

conceiving twins

I'm finding myself stuck in the house all day with the babies, too scared to go anywhere as it's pretty much impossible on my own, even when Charlotte comes ...

Stephanie and Jake Purcell are foster parents to twin toddler boys whose mother recently gave birth to another son. This is their story, told by Stephanie, ...

Things went back to normal at the Clement's household; Jaqi was a stay-at-home mother with her girls and a son to care for. Comments about her daughter's ...

Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images

My bump would take many shapes. But the biggest difference between carrying twins vs singletons was I always felt “high” and “low” at the same time.

While most women who contact our agency are in the very early stages of the adoption process, some women we work with have already found an adoptive family ...

A prisoner in Peru drugged his twin brother and escaped from jail — to see his mom

The girls are identical twins and have been called the most beautiful girls in the world

When my husband and I learned we were having twins, our first question was, "Are they identical or fraternal?" I used to think, like most people, ...

How can a set of twins have completely different fathers?

"Isaiah, your Mommy is here!" yelled one of my son's friends. As I waited in the hallway for Isaiah to ...

woman in labor in hospital

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Monochronic Twin Brochure. You can ...

... to her own rock of support. Twisted Doodles

That's why I've made it my pre-natal mission to learn everything I can about identical twins. I've chased double-strollers in the streets, I've joined my ...

People are always asking me questions so I thought I would answer a few of the most common ones.