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Are you ready and excited to adopt a baby but your spouse is on the

Are you ready and excited to adopt a baby but your spouse is on the


Are you ready and excited to adopt a baby, but your spouse is on the

Are you ready and excited to adopt a baby, but your spouse is on the

Are you ready and excited to adopt a baby, but your spouse is on the

9 things I wish I'd known before I adopted a child. From knowing that you have ...

When you're placing a baby for adoption with American Adoptions, you're in charge of every choice within your adoption plan. That includes things like:

9 things I wish I'd known before I adopted a child. From knowing that you have ...

facts about foster care adoption

'I stood there holding my 3-month-old baby boy as she sent me pictures of an ultrasound of the baby growing in her stomach. I was speechless. But I also ...

Are You Looking to Adopt a Child in California?

International adoption: are you ready?

With the staggering numbers of children in foster care in our communities, there is always a need for more foster families. Many people consider foster ...

After 25 years of successfully growing thousands of families through adoption, American Adoptions has now expanded into another exciting opportunity for ...

A Reluctant Spouse: When Only One Partner Wants to Adopt

When it comes to finding an adoptive family for your child, you have the right to have high standards. You are choosing adoption because you want to make ...

I thought having a baby when I was 'ready' would be easy. I was wrong

Am I ready for a baby?

Why Not just adopt if you are infertile

Adopting a Child After Finding Out You're Infertile

White Nursery Room with Rocking Horse

While the fight over gay adoption rights achieved a monumental step with these rulings in the U.S., if you're a gay couple, your adoption rights may not be ...

Are adoption parties the best way to help children find their 'forever family'?

A Father's Struggle to Stop His Daughter's Adoption

Everything was going according to plan. I had made it through law school, found a job that paid enough that I could pay for caregivers without government ...

Anita Tedaldi adopted child

Parents and Newborn Witching Hour


How Do You Know When You're (Financially) Ready To Have Kids

Reader Question: My Husband Doesn't Want Any More Kids. I Do.

But rest assured, this part of the adoption process (the home study) is

Image titled Adopt a Baby from China Step 2

Three photos of the author with her parents as a baby on the day she was

Adoptive Family - Curtis & Leah

The Children of Strangers

The author.

When my wife, Rivky, and I got married, we envisioned our future. We took it for granted that in due time we would have children. We looked forward to ...

10 things not to say to your adopted children | somuchbetterwithage.com

Adoptive Family - Dan & Jaime

I've been both nervous and excited to share this part of our story with you all, and I finally feel ready!

Araceli Ramos walks with her five-year-old daughter, Alexa, in a

A Reluctant Spouse: When Only One Partner Wants to Adopt | Creating a Family

All Things Adoption Home Study – Tips, FAQs & Checklist

So you've completed some of the hardest parts in your adoption journey (like your home study–isn't that so nice that it's behind you?), and you're ready to ...

Positive Discipline 101: How to Discipline a Child in a Way That Actually Works

Finding the perfect adoptive family for your baby is an important task, and it can also be a stressful one. You're choosing adoption for your child to make ...

once you adopt you are sure to get pregnant

How To Adopt A Child Guide

Thank you, Kayla and Nate, for sharing your story with us. We are so excited for your future with Reese and can't wait to share more photos of her as she ...

America Soured on My Multiracial Family

20 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Adopting

Colorado mom shocked to discover adopted children are biological siblings

Am I Ready To Be A Mom? 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding Whether Or Not To Have Kids

A woman faked a pregnancy and deceived the adoptive parents. The motive remains a mystery.

Choosing Adoption after Infertility

Currently, we are matched with an expectant mom whose baby is due in May, and we are so excited to grow our family again through adoption.

The TODAY Parenting Team is a community where anyone can write posts, ask questions and share advice.

However, as you know, there are still many people who question whether gay and lesbian parenting is a good influence on children.

There are few decisions in life that can make even the strongest mom flip-flop like a fish out of water. But ask one if she's totally done having children ...

'I'm Not What's Best for My Baby'

Sleep Sabotage Baby

Will I Love an Adopted Child as Much as a Biological Child?

I Want a Second Baby. My Husband Doesn't.

Rebecca Elliott Adoption Profile

God's timing, allowing the Holy Spirit to work, being patient, respecting my husband's leadership and decisions….ALL things I had to learn the hard way and ...

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Her parents, Kayla and Nate, have enjoyed getting to know Reese's birth mother over the last few months of her pregnancy and after birth.

If you're adopting, there are plenty of creative ways to share your joy with friends and family. Spread the word that you're awaiting a very ...

7 Science-Backed Things You Must Do to Raise Successful Kids

When In-Laws Pressure You to Have a Child

A mom and tween sit on the couch together, but the tween's arms are folded

Adoption day was so incredibly special. We drove to the agency, unsure of what would happen, if the birth mom would go through with it, trying to find the ...

My wife doesn't want a child – but I do. Should I leave her?

(Courtesy of Trayte family)

Determine If You're Eligible

What Are My Infertility Options?

Now, looking back after more than 10 years, and having talked with fellow crips who adopted children, I can say adoption is not out of reach for folks with ...

10 Reasons Why People Want Kids (and 10 Reasons They Don't)

Welcome Korea Enzo

What Made You Decide You Were DONE with Infertility Treatment?

Adopting Terror Poster

mad little girl pregnant mom

Marilyn BLOG.jpg

TV actors who opted for surrogacy and adoption

Don't be the Holy Spirit in your husband's life. Yes, yes, it's very hard and while there are times we are to ...

But does no baby always have to spell The End? Changes: Danielle and Gary Lineker announced their divorce this week after six years of marriage

Welcome Home Philippines

How to Prepare for a Temple Sealing After Adopting

5 Reasons Your Wife Doesn't Want Sex

Image titled Adopt a Baby from China Step 21

Love and regret: mothers who wish they'd never had children. Around the world, women are ...