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Archaic Roots williamarodrigu on t

Archaic Roots williamarodrigu on t


Archaic Roots

Root Gathering ~ Archaic Roots

Root Gathering ~ Archaic Roots

Instrument Maker Interview - Eddie Osborne of Ancestral Memory ~ Archaic Roots

The Bullroarer- an archaic instrument ~ Archaic Roots

The Surprising Complexity of the Mesoamerican Ocarina

Strange Haunting Sounds of the Aztec Death Whistle

Serapis & Isis as serpents & little Harpocrates

Aztec Death Whistle Building Workshop ~ Archaic Roots Aztec Death Whistle, Workshop, Atelier,

Spirals from the Past- Sea Shell Trumpets

🌙Knowledge ...

The ancestors voices- the udu drum

Choices: The women, who are married, could chose to be 'stolen' by one of the better-looking men, leaving their husbands behind

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Goddess Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun and Mother of all

Archaic Roots. @williamarodrigu. 18w. 41. kwarastatedrummers talking drum djembe

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Roots of an Instrument Maker – Eddie Osborne of Ancestral Memory



no lies ...

Clockwise; nobleman;farmer;macehual woman

Strange Haunting Sounds of the Aztec Death Whistle

Archaic Roots @williamarodrigu. 6w 70. "Bridging The Worlds," Cultural Immersion: An Appreciation of Yoruba & Santeria. "

What does Oya teach us? She teaches us that death is a natural and normal

Yemaya - Goddess of the Living Ocean - Limited Signed

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Trader @ Eleko

Yemaya assists and supports the rebirth process, cleansing and purifying the old energy, releasing

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Nigerian Women with Babies Strapped to Their Backs Carrying Large Baskets on Their HeadsBy Alfred Eisenstaedt


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Orange Hawkers, Lagos, Nigeria 1960s-70s.Vintage Nigeria

10 Awesome Fulani Braids Hairstyle

"Lala Salama". Kenyan woman carrying her sleeping child at Funzi Island, Kenya. "

Oshun Oil

Modern Spellcasters Tarot #tarotcardsart

Fantasy art dump - D&D Character Inspiration

Oxum e Iansã

Iansa / Oya by jumqwt74jagry7

Royal Rituals

It's Official: prepping myself since 16; Oshun🌻

Ocarina - Period: Pre-Columbian,1300–1500 - Sierra Nevada de Santa

iemanja 1

blackgirlphresh: Yemaya Afro-Cuban Goddess from.

God of the Week: Rhiannon


Arise, then, women of this day! Arise all women who have hearts,

Hecate: Holding Court Over Ancient Greek Witchcraft, the Moon, and Ghosts

Iemanjá ou Yemanjá, orixá feminino dos mares , mãe de todos os Orixás de origem