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Analyzing CC Runtime Library Code Tampering in Software Supply Chai

Analyzing CC Runtime Library Code Tampering in Software Supply Chai


Analyzing C/C++ Runtime Library Code Tampering in Software Supply Chain Attacks

ShadowPad poisoned _initterm() runtime function

Function pointer table for ShadowPad poisoned _initterm() runtime function

Call cross-reference graph for ShadowPad poisoned _initterm() runtime function

... of the ShadowPad poisoned function _initterm() would reside inside the file crt0dat.c as follows (all comments were omitted for readability purposes):

The following code snippet shows the actual implementation of the function _CRT_INIT().

#Analyzing #C #Runtime

Analyzing C/C++ Runtime Library Code Tampering in Software Supply Chain Attacks

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Source code showing these URLs having different formats for different browsers

A Mysterious Hacker Group Is On a Supply Chain Hijacking Spree


Blockchain and the Supply Chain : Concepts, Strategies and Practical Applications - (Paperback)

Figure 12. Flowchart of executed dump.exe's routine

Security as Code: Security Tools and Practices in Continuous Delivery - DevOpsSec [Book]

The Single Best Strategy To Use For Supply Chain Management Model Website Development Company, Software

A mysterious hacker gang is on a supply-chain hacking spree

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Figure 1: Structure of AnubisSpy's modules

The CyberWire Daily Briefing 4.23.19

Trend Micro ANZ

Figure 5. Log output of v8_context_snapshot.src

#KIMSUKY #JOYBERTM hash: f564e2ac4e3dac7d768f11f88c008f89 name: C:\Users\greenweb\Desktop\비트코인과 이더리움 올해에는 상승하나.hwppic.twitter.com/ ...

Code snippet showing the AESDDoS variant stealing an affected system's CPU information

KringleCon 2018 - Chris Davis, Analyzing PowerShell Malware

Figure 2: Comparison of file structure in Sphinx's desktop/PC-targeting malware (left) and AnubisSpy (right)

Figure 14. Advanced Installer with other custom actions

7 Traits of Great Supply Chain Leader: A Case of Tim Cook Supply Chain Management

'ShadowHammer' Spreads Across Online Gaming Supply Chain · '

... First Submission : 2019-01-28 04:09:19 Last Submission: 2019-01-28 04:09:19 Last Analysis :2019-01-28 04:09:19pic.twitter.com/GJWXkhHcc2

Figure 9. Spam containing a .zip file that downloads from a malicious URL

SSLyze: A Python Tool For Analyzing SSL Configurations

Trading infographic : Supply Chain Management Supply Management, Business Management, Project Management, Supply

Side-Channel Attacks RIDL, Fallout, and ZombieLoad Affects Millions of Vulnerable Intel Processors

MITRE ATT&CK™ Evaluation Validates FireEye Endpoint Security as the Most Effective EDR Solution

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Code snippet of the AESDDoS variant executing remote shell commands

SDK Manager

Students can now manage their supply chain management assignment with the help of BookMyEssay team who

Asus Live Update Supply Chain Attack Malware: Operation ShadowHammer

In ...

Chafer used Remexi malware to spy on Iran-based foreign diplomatic entities

Cyberespionage Campaign Sphinx Goes Mobile With AnubisSpy

Drag source code

source : http://blog.alyac.co.kr/2086 IOC(Operation Fake Capsule) http://pastebin.com/01LHWvwY Decoding script using IDAPython - AlyacMonitor.db ...

Video Thumbnail

Trend Micro Malaysia cover image


The Anatomy of Supply Chain Strategy What Is Supply Chain, Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics

... First Submission : 2019-01-28 04:09:19 Last Submission: 2019-01-28 04:09:19 Last Analysis :2019-01-28 04:09:19pic.twitter.com/GJWXkhHcc2

Code snippet of the abuse of CVE-2019-3396 via Trojan

A partial code snippet of AutoHotkeyu32.ahk

Pulse Policy Secure (NAC) and Pulse Connect Secure (VPN) 9.0R2

Design management process package that uses project management, design, strategy, and supply chain

Click for larger view

This information is shown in its source code and highlighted in figure 4, likely just to adapt the campaign to different browsers.

Figure 1: Major components and functionality of Irdeto's Cloakware Software Protection solution for improving embedded security. (Image: Irdeto)

[Figure 1] The four main elements of supply chain strategy - From "Supply

MCUXpresso-SDK Block Diagram

Sham London 2012 Olympics Scandal Leads to Trojan

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The Mom's Guide of Supply Chain Management for Ecommerce Success

This is useful for technical protection of intellectual property in the following cases. First,

Supply chain security dptech infographic design

Figure 1. PHPBB warning message.

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Trend Micro ANZ cover image

Food Manufacturing, Manufacturing Engineering, Garment Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Logistics, Supply Chain ...

Supply chain attacks: Mitigation and protection

Below we highlight five of the projects, provide Gartner's take, offer our opinion, and explain how Qualys can help you implement them.

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Free Six Sigma Certification Courses - Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Management, Project Management,

... Analysis being performed by an automated tool; 8.

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Figure 2. From Orca MSI Editor: CustomAction that contains JavaScript


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We plan to add more such illustrations in the future to this online article and also include them in the forthcoming Memory Dump Analysis Anthology volumes ...

Security-related software reverse engineering scenarios. DRM digital rights management

Applsci 08 00771 g005 550

Figure 4. Performing command execution in Apache Tomcat”

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