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Amazing Worlds photo Animals Military dogs War dogs Working dogs

Amazing Worlds photo Animals Military dogs War dogs Working dogs


10 Things You May Not Know About Military Dogs

A tribute to all military dogs - Guns Gas and Trenches

Not all of our veterans are human. More

US Army dog that attacked machine-gun nest in Second World War awarded posthumous medal for bravery

French First aid dog. Credit: Author's personal collection

Australian blue heeler as a war-time messenger...these dogs are brilliant


Military Working Dogs in World War 2 | US Army Dog Training Film | 1943

Total Force MWD training. Source: AF. Military working dogs ...

War Dogs

Amazon.com: War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love (9781250112286): Rebecca Frankel: Books

War Dogs of the Pacific,” a one-hour documentary directed by Harris Done, tells the incredible story of the Marine Dog Platoons of World War II.

The U.S. Armed Forces' 2,500 military working dogs detect mortars, find drugs and protect their fellow troops on bases around the world—and their training ...

PHOTO DETAILS / DOWNLOAD HI-RES 1 of 5. The newly unveiled U.S. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument ...

Mine dogs from WW2 on the frontline

Audiobook Image. War Dogs: ...

Military working dog & handler support organizations #Deployment

Dogs in warfare

Dogs during ww2

Photo: U.S. Air Force SGT David J. Filchak the handler for Turbo, a. U.S. Air Force SGT David J. Filchak the handler for Turbo, a military working dog ...

Service dogs, therapy dogs & companion pets for military veterans #PTSD

A French soldier holds on to a dog wearing a gas mark during the First World

Sergeant Stubby, an American dog who served as the mascot of America's 102nd Infantry Regiment

Chips, a U.S. Army dog during World War II, was awarded the Dickin Medal


Captain Richardson with a dog in 1914

war dogs | World War 2 Photos > US Marines > Iwo Jima war dog

Photo Gallery: The History of Parachuting Dogs

This noble Doberman Pinscher represents hundreds of heroic war dogs that served in the United States Marine Corps during World War II.

War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism: Michael G. Lemish: 9781574882162: Amazon.com: Books

Hero dogs of the First World War

Photo: Paris, a coalition force military working dog gets ready to attend a transition

Source: Fallen Dogs

Would you send your pet to war? Reams of once secret documents have revealed the heroic deeds of the British dogs recruited in the fight against Adolf ...

refer to caption

Military working dog wearing body armor, undergoing escalation of force training in Afghanistan.

Chips, shown in this undated photo, served in the U.S. Army during World War II. The mutt took part in Allied campaigns in North Africa, Italy, ...

A History of the First World War in 100 Moments: Battlefield heroism of a loyal messenger, Tweed the old English sheepdog. Graduates of the British War Dog ...

Mannequins wear World War II war dog-handler uniforms with replica dogs at USS LST 393 Veterans Museum display.

Smoky is the smallest of the Famous Military dogs on my list! She was a 4 lb, 7 inch tall, Yorkshire Terrier who served in World War II.

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These Hilariously Adorable Comics About Brutus And Pixie Will Instantly Make Your Day

Our nation's 'brave and loyal military working dogs' honored with new postage stamps

The most decorated war dog of World War II was a German Shepherd mix named Chips who saw action in Germany, France, North Africa, and Sicily, ...

1st national monument for war dogs honors four-legged pup soldiers of World War II and beyond

German Shepherd Dogs in the Military: A Brief Historical Overview

Attitude is everything, especially for a military working dog like this one in Camp Hale during World War II. Denver Public Library/Courtesy Photo

Photo: U.S. Navy Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Christopher Coolahan and Military Working

Chips: A Canine Hero of World War II

A dog running telegraph wire (WW1).

War Dogs Making It Home

War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism

bomb dog

Articles: Military working dogs. U.S.War Dog Association, Steve-Dale

This April 30, 1919 photograph provided by the Connecticut State Library shows famed war dog Stubby walking in a homecoming parade for World War I veterans ...

Famous TV Host Gets ATTACKED By Military Dog | World War Wings Videos

Dog Time Photo credit: Vietnam War Era Tumblr. NEMO. nemo shepherd

How did animals (even slugs) serve in World War I?

... Military Dogs Killed In Action. By Mike Clark. SHARE. HARTSDALE, NY - JUNE 10: Doloris Speyer pays respects during an annual memorial service

Dyngo, a retired Military Working Dog (MWD), goes for a walk with his owner, Rebecca Frankel, in Washington, D.C. (Susana Raab)

A patriotic French ambulance‑dog expressing his dislike for the German Army. The card carried a message from Jerry to Meg. "Just a pc hoping it finds you ...

Belgian machine guns pulled by dogs. Armée Belge. Mitrailleuses à traction canine. Un attelage'

Four-legged heroes have saved tens of thousands of lives since World War II, when the U.S. embarked on its military working dog program.

Image via Warfare History Network

Donate to the War Dog ...

Airedale Private Winston, Courtesy Imperial War Museum

Doomed dogs of war: MoD destroys dozens despite loyal service

ESZP0075824, Caption: A German shepherd trained for military service as medic dog.

Finnish military dog in second world war.

Military Dog Names – 50+ Awesome Name Options

Military Working Dogs in the U.S. can trace some of their roots to Camp Hale, where troops trained for World War II. Denver Public Library |

... Portuguese military dog handlers and military working dogs march in formation during a national military arade commemorating the centennial of World War ...

... Military dogs / Soldiers in Fur and Feathers: The Animals that Served in World War I – The Allied Forces. 🔍. Soldiers in Fur and Feathers Susan Bulanda

Belgium 4 dog cart postcard

... dog during the. Jack Brutus was another fine soldier (shown here in uniform). Serving during the

World War I ambulance dog

K-9 Corps German Shepherd aboard ship, enroute to Europe during World War II

These Hilariously Adorable Comics About Brutus And Pixie Will Instantly Make Your Day | Bored Panda

Rocky the military police dog is resting in a hospital bed, wearing a muzzle with

Staff Sgt. Radames Leon and Pako are a 96th Security Forces Squadron military working dog

The U.S. Military Academy graduate died March 11, 2013, along with a fellow soldier and the military working dog, while deployed to Afghanistan.

Dogs Who Serve: Incredible Stories of Our Canine Military Heroes: Lisa Rogak: 9781250080622: Amazon.com: Books

War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend

2013 North Dakota Peace Officer Association K-9 Police Trials. Source: Pet Attack. Before this time service dogs were considered “military ...

... horses as the World War I cavalry, and war dogs alongside soldiers, yet cats and several other surprising species performed specific military tasks too.

Watch service dog calm war ...

Roles. SP4 Bealock and scout dog ...


Dogs have been going to war with their humans for millennia, of course. Sergeant Stubby, of World War I fame, was very far from the first, although his ...