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Allah is so merciful toward us We should be thankful to Him

Allah is so merciful toward us We should be thankful to Him


Allah is so merciful toward us. We should be thankful to Him. Know

Allah Almighty commanded us to be grateful to Him for all His blessings and try to do Shukr all time for what He has provided us.

We can never count Allah's Blessings:

“It is He Who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing; and He gave you hearing and sight and ...

A Prayer for Gratitude

Keeping belief during tough times

5 Verses to Give Thanks

"Call on ME ( #Allah ),I will answer you". #

Prayer- Giving thanks to the Lord

A Prayer of Thankfulness for Times of Struggle

When God puts love and compassion in your heart toward someone, He's offering you an opportunity to make a difference in that person's life.

12 reasons for Shukr (thankfulness) to Allah

The Concept of Thankfulness in Islam



Four Glimpses into the Heart of God

A Prayer for a Truly Thankful Heart

Reflect upon your own life and you will find innumerable occasions when Allah's `hand' has been holding you and helping you. So often, believers and even ...

Allah's Message to the Sinners

I believe in God because I've experienced His goodness and mercy myself

When one of the kids was complaining a lot I would stop them mid-whine and make them tell me three things for which they are thankful.

10 of the Best Ways to Thank God

5 Undeniable Rewards for Being a Thankful Servant of Allah

Psalm 23:6 Thank you lord for your loving kindness and your mercy. I am not worthy but I am THANKFUL!!!

Attitude of Gratitude ...

View Larger Image Concept of God

Being Thankful to Allah…Why It Matters

27 Bible Verses about Mercy. «

... which is the greatest among all of the rest of Nafl (non obligatory) worships and also the cause of getting Allah`s great Blessings and Mercy.

Why Does God Ask People to Worship Him-Hero-Image

Rainfall: Mercy from the Almighty

The Favor of God Will Change Your Life

Surah al-Fatihah

Why Do People Suffer? God's Existence & the Problem of Evil

Chapter 10: "Mercy On Whom I Will Have Mercy

Feature Article: 18 sources of Barakah!

God's Love in the Qurʾān

20 Bible Verses on Gratitude and Thanksgiving

However, to counter that, Allah has provided us a very powerful tool – and that is the tool of dua or asking ...

Prayer of Gratitude – Thank You!

What does the Bible say about mercy? Scripture frequently mentions the mercy God provides for sins we commit if we are willing to repent.

Overcoming Anger Towards Allah

Middays with Susie Larson. God is preparing you ...

When God Doesn't Change Your Circumstances

Sun rays breaking through cloud

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The Most Repeated Command in the Bible

Father for Answered Prayers

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Islamic quotes on turn to Allah. “

2018 has been a year guided by the word of God. We're so thankful for what God has done this past year and for you all who have given toward and supported ...

SGC celebrates 10 years of ministry in the Bay of Plenty. We are so thankful to God and are grateful for His grace and mercy towards us for His equipping ...

Why Is God So Patient with Us?

If you're not thankful to people you're not thankful to God

As one of many Catholic Bloggers, I share my thoughts and prayers with you and your family as you gather in gratitude for God's abundant blessings.

Their comments about him were small and mean. They took turns criticizing the pastor's sermon, his tie, and even his hair. I was so angry I could barely ...

10 Worship Songs about Thankfulness

Be Kind to Your Parents

April 20192.jpg

Alhamdulillah quotes with image. “Alhamdulillah for everything. We can never thank Allah ...

Is God Taking a Long Time To Come Through? Here's What To Do

1901259733413 Logic and God.

Grateful | Official Lyric Video | Elevation Worship

why does god hate me

Destiny and Free Will

Tawakkul is a light for our hearts and a means for us to seek nearness towards Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتعال ) in a manner that absolutely nothing else can ...

Allah (God) Exists. Universe Testifies Him.

gratitude quotes only prayer you said your whole life was thank would suffice meister eckhart wisdom

In the weeks leading up to Easter, we are pleased to offer this blog series inspired by Max Lucado's book, “Six Hours One Friday.” You can share Hope this ...

The Justice of God

hear-my-cry-lament. I'll bet you can ...

The 99 Names Duaa

Have Mercy on Me –Four Glimpses into the Heart of God

Bible Verses About Christmas – God's Love

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