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Admiring someone whos admiring you Credit goes to noona4jae

Admiring someone whos admiring you Credit goes to noona4jae


I see you watching me watching you ;) Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

When bae keeps staring at you until you look in his direction :) Credit goes to @kenthusiasts_ on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

You can't help but be infatuated with Ken's profile; his nose and lips make it just that much better! Credit goes to @vixxleo27 on Instagram #VIXX # ...

Uh oh, I think the beast within has awaken, ruuuuuuun! 😱 Credit goes

Lord Jesus! The hairstyle with that earring and shaved eyebrows, and let's not forget his beautiful and noble facial features! Credit goes to @vixxleo27 on ...

That hair color is pretty, and that comb back is just ahhh! Credit goes to @kenxcl_ on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

This man has neck for days, but who's complaining? It's just simply more of him to love! :) Credit goes to @vixxleo27 on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

This slightly edgy style fits him perfectly! Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

His side profile is such a beautiful sight to behold! Credit goes to @v.i.xx_ on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

As soon as you get comfortable and let down your guard, BOOM, his cuteness goes right out the window and this happens! O_O Credit goes to @shyleo90 on ...

It feels good to just sit in awe and admire such a beautiful man :) Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

Of course Ken has to round out his cuteness with his signature wink! Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

VIXX Ken cute <3 Have You Seen, Lee Hong Bin, Bias Kpop

Vixx Members, Vixx Ken, Lee Jaehwan, Reality Shows, Kpop, Phone,

Credit goes to @vixxleo27 on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

You know Jaehwan is permanently my bias wrecker. I try to ignore him, but somehow he always makes his way into my life and I can't resist, lol.

VIXX CONCEPTION SERIES Pt.1 : The Lovers ~ Neo “Darkness cannot drive out

The conception trilogy is such a masterpiece it blows my mind thinking how did they even

Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT | VIXX | Pinterest | Korean Fashion, Korean fashion trend…

My handsome Ex Sometimes I wonder how did I ever leave this handsome perfectly

A blog dedicated to Jellyfish Entertainment's 6 membered group, "VIXX", consisting of N, Leo, Ken,... | VIXX - ReallV | Vixx, Jellyfish entertainment, Leo

noona4jae. . . Kim Wonsik This special man who is not even my bias but

Words could never describe fully my love and admiration for this man. Inside and out

[ soft edit : han sanghyuk ] ㅡ probably not post something tommorow , my brain

Blessed those people who see him at least this close. Awweee!! 😘😘

VIXX CONCEPTION SERIES Pt.2 : Death ~ Hyukbin “It is not death that

Oh stop acting surprised! You know we love you, cutie! Credit goes to @ noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

Your smile is enough to make my day bright and lovely!!! 💕💕

Szordian The by the books man

Our leader who treats Starlights with first class fanservice while in the military,

Sometimes, you just have to sit and admire something so pure and beautiful. Credit

Bub , I always admired you! You manage to do so many things

VIXX CONCEPTION SERIES Pt.3 : The Devil ~ Raken “The devil does not

“I'm the king of melanin” PERIODTTTTT!! 👏🏾👏🏾

Long and lovely :-D Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

If Bean is really planning to move out, I'm happy for · @noona4jae

Sweet Jesus! His hair and deep eyes; shoot, this whole look! 😳

noona4jae. . . Ok so Hongbin really lost a lof of weight, I meant

kensstarlight - ⭐ 켄의 별빛 ⭐

Literally, no.

[190529] Ravi Twitter update Translation : My video letter to my young sister for


An edit of my hongbin's drawing😏 _ _ #vixx #starlight #vixxstarlight #

... kendgirl87 - Ken:D Girl - 우와... #vixx

Hakyeon and Taekwoon are supposed to be oppars but who the

This hairstyle looks good on him Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

Uh oh, I think the beast within has awaken, ruuuuuuun! 😱 Credit goes to @vexedbyvixx on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT | Kpop in 2019 | Vixx, Kpop, Vixx ken.

Jyanna Lee ( @noona4jae )

noona4jae. . . Hyuk ah!!! Our handsome manbaby Hyuk . Recently,

[ soft edit : lee hongbin ] ㅡ i actually do the watch me edit thingy

He looks cute with his ear pierced! Credit goes to @vixx_is_sunshine on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

SURPRISE!! ✨ in a few months the conception trilogy is about the turn

Hi baby @keken_0406 . I've been busy these few days . noona4jae

... friends or if you want to talk :')💘 · · · · @adorbstae @hunniepaper i hope you guys like this :')💖 · · · · [t a g s💫] · #kpop #edit #vixx #vixxkpop ...

This is the only flower I want to have! So cute and sweet to look


aahh finally resuming to the conception trilogy series! Still working out the small details but

Y'all remember that time when @ravithecrackkidz blessed us with baby Jae updates .

I totally love this color in him 💘💘💘 My dear Ravi .

Day 153.Cr. Lovenote_N on Twitter#VIXX #빅스 #향 #차

just a little teaser 😉✨ . . . #vixx #vixxn #vixxleo #

Shining boy! ✨✨✨✨ . . #VIXX #VIXXKen #Ken #


noona4jae. . . Legit one of VIXX best photoshoots Everyone looked so intimidatin

Worst of all, Jeff had a hard time locating Rucker Park. Plus, he and Laura were quickly realizing that Harlem wasn't necessarily the best place for foot .

My handsome boy😍😍 © #vixx #vixxleader #vixxhakyeon #vixxchahakyeon #vixxn

MY LOVE WONSHIK 💘 RAVI . . . ..#vixx #vixxn #vixxhakyeon

... vixxnoona - VixxNoona - Whisper is one of the most perfect songs ever written. That

@vixx_stargram ♥ OT6 Photocard Set for Kratos ♥ #kratosalbum #VIXXconception #VIXXkratos #

🌼@ravithecrackkidz you are#themostbeautifulmanintheworldI'm still fascinated by your beauty 🌼.

Credit goes to @noona4jae on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT



BARBIE AND KEN 😍 toys vs real ✨ .

noona4jae. . . What happened to N? 😂 . . #vixx #vixxn



VixxNoona - @vixxnoona Instagram Profile - My Social Mate

Can you tell who is who? . I can only recognize Rav,

His smile is just gorgeous and so is he! Credit goes to @eau_de_vixx.jyani on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

190525_today record_cha hakyeon at National Assembly Concert Cc_all picture credit to owner #vixx #vixxleader

eunhye_0320 - Alison Eun-Hye

... starlightarmy24 - νιχχ & втѕ (fαи α¢¢συит) - LR💜❤

ɪʀ ꜱᴛ🌟ʀʟɪɢʜᴛ 🇮🇷 - @vixx_6 Instagram Profile - My Social Mate

Uhhhhhhaaahhhhhh wooaaaahhhh there now, let's put that tongue back where it belongs! 😱😱

When I first saw these photos, I told myself that you gotta choose. noona4jae


My man ❤ ©Aka_mint #vixx #vixxleader #vixxmaindancer #vixxn #vixxhakyeon

coming soon! ✨ . . . #vixx #vixxn #vixxleo #vixxken

He's so cute on his way to handle business 😍😍😍 Credit goes to @jaehwany64 on Instagram #VIXX #STARLIGHT

We Starlights celebrate your music and the big or small moments of your life. We

kpopjewelxx. Chained up~ 😍 Have a good week everyone ❤ D-85



@tea_pour_moi Instagram Profile - My Social Mate

Happy 7th Anniversary my loves ❤ I'm so proud to see how far

It's missing VIXX hours . Been watching a lot of monsta x lately,


kendgirl87 - Ken:D Girl