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Acute cuteness attack Cassie and Toffee awww Animals Cute

Acute cuteness attack Cassie and Toffee awww Animals Cute


Acute cuteness attack! Cassie and Toffee

Toffee and Cassie

Cassie and Toffee explore bath.


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Flexible boihttps://i.redd.it/xxak7l74scj21.jpg Cute Ferrets

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Ferret animal cute field grass flowers photography

Homemade fleece ferret hammock! http://www.pinterest.com


Ice Tea

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mandy weathered the loss of max with hardly a hitch…i could see she really missed him at first but within a day or two was back to her lovely self…gosh…she ...

Sex: Male Born: June 2018 (1 yr 0 mos) Color: orange/white tabby. Date Adopted: December 8, 2018. Video: https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=yusxNBJFayI

Cassie landed in a pretty darn good spot in Central Massachusetts where her new parents serve her grilled cheese sandwiches! She was a little unsure of her ...




If this isn't the perfect expression of kitten bliss, we don't know what is! Here is Johnnie Walker (on the left) curled up with his new feline brother ...




What Measure Is a Non-Cute?

Papaya and Mango found a wonderful home through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. The two siblings have complementary personalities.






Mulan found her forever home in November 2018 through the Animal Shelter in Sterling Massachusetts. Since then, she has been being spoiled and loved--just ...


Happy family ...

He's a Momma's Dog.


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Victoria found her home through the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland about a year ago. At just four pounds, she is ounce-for-ounce a great joy and a ...

Every year we try to incorporate the animals into our fundraiser and so we have the animal sponsorships. Whichever animal gets a sponsor for $25 gets to ...

This special girl was rescued from the streets of Cabo Rojo and sent to St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. Because she had heartworm, ...


They found their wonderful new home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. Their new parents were previous Sato owners.



Chimie found his forever home through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. His new parents had been looking for a friend for their 3-year-old cat Mookie.

Photobucket Photobucket

Pretty d'n awesome.

Louie found his forever home thanks to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. His new family are so happy to have him. He is very sweet and smart--and he ...

**Update 1/14. Josie has been adopted by someone to bond with their single male, so we now have the two girls Valerie and Melody left.

Luz is a regular animal rescuer. Imagine her surprise when she came home from work one day and found a small puppy in her yard!


*red and white shorthair -Flicka came to us from a terrible pet store with multiple injuries. She was living with bunnies and guinea pigs and got pretty ...

Here are Mara and Jade after a walk. Mara loves walks. Jade, a recent rescue, is still getting used to being on a leash.

miranda has some weird kind of weakness and loss of balance thing happening in her hind end…i have never seen this with the feLV's before so i am not sure ...

» With puppies and a plan; Smoky Mountain Service Dogs ready to break ground on new training facility – Maryville Daily TimesThe Doggy Blogger


Their mascot is a blobfish ◊.

There are those that can drive through town and not see the animals hiding under cars or in the corners trying to survive. Angeles is not one of those ...

Walkin' Wednesday 2009

Adoption fee is $75 per kitten which includes all of the vet care listed above (that we spend well over $100 for). You can fill out our adoption application ...

Dec 22, 2018 - Beautiful breeder dog Rosy is diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. She is facing double hip surgery and went to live with a kind family until ...

I dont mean who specifically (though huge bonus if you can name them ;)) I mean what species do they belong to?

Sandra doesn't just love animals, she volunteers her time, energy & skills to help animal rescue groups here in Puerto Vallarta.

June 5, 2015 at 9:49 am

We received some adorable photos of Chili in his comfy bed, surrounded by toys, as you can see here. We thought he looked pretty happy.



Jenny's Heated Blanket

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Sep 10, 2018 - Solid white five month old Maci came to AGB anemic and feeling pretty poorly. The vets got her on a good diet and rid of worms ...


Jenny's Heated Blanket




But they were useless because they wanted it as badly as I did, but then I noticed the price tag and I'm not about to spend $200 for something that doesn't ...


I always thought this picture of Nada looked kind of like an attempt at Pun Dog:

Jenny's Heated Blanket

official furiously happy tour poster

Mable (aka Rottie Girl), 9/26/02

*Silver agouti and white *Born around the end of 2016 -Declan came into our shelter because he was at a local pet store in pretty crappy shape.



Jenny Stares Daggers at Jake


Mitzi found her home through St. Hubert's Animal Shelter in Madison, NJ. And she didn't have to wait long. This cutie was scooped up very quickly--probably ...

Oct 1, 2018 - Pretty little Pebbles is now pretty little Penny, and she is one happy girl! After coming to AGB from a shelter and receiving treatment for ...

Vet Visit Two Point Oh