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A Norse iron battleaxe discovered at Rocky Neck near Gloucester

A Norse iron battleaxe discovered at Rocky Neck near Gloucester


A [supposedly] Norse iron battle-axe discovered at Rocky Neck, near Gloucester, on the coast of Massachusetts (Goodwin Collection, Wadsworth Atheneum, ...

A thousand year old Viking axe before and after restoration.

Auction Catalogue 23/24 June 2011 - Antiquities - part 3

Notes for "The Viking Gods," Part Two

Thor's Hammer (1) Mjölnir Mjolnir Viking Pendant Thors Hammer Norse Necklace Thor Hammer Viking Neck

Ireland with Kids- The best itinerary for your first family vacation to Ireland. Start

Medieval battle-axe isolated - Stock Image

The current state of the helmet. Picture taken by Vegard Vike.

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replica of an old battle axe with a wood handle - Stock Image

Silver penannular brooches from the Penrith Hoard from Viking north England, early 10th century

SCA Celtic Resources

Helmets, weapons and chain mail armour, Lofotr Viking Museum, Bostad, Norway -

a dictionary of medieval terms and phrases

Our 2-week Ireland road trip itinerary

5 Anglo Saxon Iron Medieval Triangle Arrowhead Set -- archery/bow/hunting/arrow

Viking Sword covered with beautiful protective swastikas made of inlaid silver wire made by Hartolfr,


Just before Christmas she and I went away for the weekend (will post about it soon) and discovered a mutual love for that most English of traditions ...


learn addition- al languages can-(se the skplified list bel Gaelic (Ireland) Saxon (England)

This is the Official McGinley Clan website. run by the Clan. for the Clan

Ornaments of the Viking period

The Vang Stone

Helmets, weapons and chain mail armour, Lofotr Viking Museum, Bostad, Norway -

Travelling the trade paths


Given that the British coins found ...

Time to get out our weapons, sharpen our axes, and prepare for war.


Sabre Saxon 2 Crossbow

Helmets, weapons and chain mail armour, Lofotr Viking Museum, Bostad, Norway -

Yggdrasil Nídhögg Viking Silver Stainless Steel Nordic Pagan Bangle Bracelet NEW

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The Viking Age

Which is why I was so excited to discover the new Laura Ashley Tearoom Burnham Beeches, situated in the Burnham Beeches Hotel, Berkshire, and within easy ...

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Medieval sword at the Tewkesbury medieval festival 2010. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England - Stock

Norse Valkyrie Art. The Vikings ...

One of the things I didn't get to do as a student in 1970 was to take one of the Seine River boat rides. It was just out of my financial reach ...

Wood carving at Urnes Stave Church in Norway—a rare survival.

ENAMELLED BRONZE SHIELD (from the Thames near Battersea) (British Museum)

8; 9.

The Goldstone (Hove Park) c1906


the present day.

An archaeological ...

War, Politics and Superheroes _ Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film - DiPaolo, Marc(Author) | Superheroes (6.9K views)

Illustrated title page

France is culturally different than any of the other countries in Europe. It feels different. The people are different. One aspect that stands out, ...

history of film essay

Next door we took a peek at the purple magnificence of Mrs Hobbs' house, a kooky collection of all things kitty – from cat curtains, cushions, wallpaper and ...

Chain mail Armour close up links - Stock Image

Richard Morris's edition of Legends of the Holy Rood (1871), with an illustration of St. Cyriac by art professor Henry Philip Delamotte on the basis of the ...

But before that happy day dawns the land will run red with blood, many homes will be ruined, many patriotic hearts will break, and the star of England will ...

Timeline for the Norse animal styles.


The Project Gutenberg eBook of Cassell's History of England, Vol. I (of 8), by Anonymous

HWU 16

The Cambridge Manuals of Science and. Literature

and cast iron evidence that we haven't killed Rocky though the eyes tell me he clearly has something very unpleasant in mind for us

The store is located at 63 Main St. in Epping, NH. Directly across the street from the Holy Grail restaurant and next to the Epping Post Office.


AFTER ALL, YOU'RE MY WONDER WALL // gorgeous murals from wallsauce

The Departure of John and Sebastian Cabot on the First Voyage of Discovery, 1497. (From the picture by Ernest Board. By permission of the Bristol ...

... 6.

Kendall's Painting in Oil, 1807


Vanity- Guillaume Seignac - Guillaume Seignac was a student of: William Adolphe Bouguereau

The decree defined the styles and titles of the Royal Family, which has only been changed twice since: in 1996 and 2012.

Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn

arc de triomphe streets

Title A Short History of the English People

07.22.2017 Russia, Bryansk. Festival for lovers of historical military reconstruction. People

The Gokstad ship

POCKET-FRIENDLY WAYS TO SEE THE WORLD // with groupon travel deals

Kendalls Engraving From his painting in Oil 1807


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The archetype ...

In 794, according to the Annals of Ulster, there was a serious attack on Lindisfarne's mother-house of Iona, which was followed in 795 by raids upon the ...

US Equestrian Magazine by United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. - issuu

Kingdom. Introduction. A


The eponymous carving on the Urnes stave church is an example of the last Urnes Style stage.

This practice continued well into the process of Christianization. Most, but not all of the runestones are found in Sweden. Many runestones tell of the ...


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18; 19. Skaði is the ...

Tomb of King Alyattes at Bin Tepe in Lydia, modern Turkey, built circa 560 BCE. It is "one of the largest tumuli ever built", with a diameter of 360 meters ...