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A Guide Dog Who Disobeys Intelligent Disobedience dog blogs

A Guide Dog Who Disobeys Intelligent Disobedience dog blogs


A Guide Dog Who Disobeys: A Highly Sought-After Skill - Animal Bliss

Intelligent Disobedience Seeing Eye Dogs

Anxious Dog? Learn To Play The Stress Away! - Little Dog Tips

Southeastern Guide Dogs

The Dog Days of Summer: Dogs as Assistants

Command Central: Guide Dog Commands

What is intelligent disobedience?

A formal shot of Quan in harness

Intelligent disobedience. The phrase is a mouthful, and the concept behind them difficult to grasp. They seem like a contrary combination of words.

Seeing Eye Dogs

Intelligent disobedience occurs when a service animal goes against the owner's instructions in an effort to make a better decision.

Paraquad. The Disability Experts

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Myra and Chloe working Streets

Pets Aware News

International Guide Dog Celebration

Does Gender Matter When Adopting a Second Dog?

A Day in the Life of… a Guide Dog in Class!

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - MAY 11: Sarah Webster, of Napa, and a 10-month-old Golden retriever named Caft, with Guide Dogs for the Blind, walk past the security ...

Close up view of trained assistant dog. Golden retriver. 1. Intelligent Disobedience. A guide ...

International Guide Dog Day

Types of Service Dogs and What Tasks They Provide. blog

Do You Know The Difference Between A Training Dog And A Service Dog?

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Yellow Lab Solana enjoying the ride on the train. Ben pauses to put dog ...

Intelligent Disobedience. Photo of dog giving a raspberry

Image may contain: dog

Myra and guide dog Chloe

Guide Dog Commands

'Pick of the Litter' team talks journey of making guide dog documentary

Young labrador puppy in training to become a guide dog.

Southeastern Guide Dogs

"Thunder Dog", A Review and Personal Anecdote — Sword & Board, LLC

If your dog doesn't listen to your or obey, This is why your

South African Guide Dog

Guide Dog Alhambra with family dog Murphy.

International Guide Dog Day

Dog handlers and 70 Golden and Labrador retriever puppies from 20-weeks to 13-months-old of Guide Dogs for the Blind stand in line as they wait for the ...

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Does your guide dog know when it's safe to cross the street?

Alhambra training at Macy's near a pretend dog on display.

GDB male guide dog instructor sits on a bench while petting his yellow Lab guide dog

Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You're Told to Do Is Wrong: Ira Chaleff: 9781626564275: Amazon.com: Books

... retriever Jolene looks at her handler Linda Kutzler, of Danville, while they wait with other fellow handlers and dogs with Guide Dogs for the Blind, ...

This is a beautiful Australian guide dog that I was lucky enough to pet for quite a while, there is something truly special and privileged to pet a service ...


Bringing a New Pup Home? 4 Ways to Dog-Proof Your House

Training Your Adult Dog

guide dogs

Service dog for the blind

Guide dogs can disobey a command--intelligent disobedience---- Unbelievable Facts

We're Celebrating National Guide Dog Month

A guide dog lying down

The Making of a Guide Dog

Blind obedience is dangerous: Skilled guide dogs disobey ...

Image by Särmä metsätunnelmissa/Flickr/Creative Commons license

Intelligent Disobedience for Product Managers

Session 2: The View From Under the Pew by Diane Winters-johnson Dog Books

Update on my daughters condition.

Psychology Today

Intelligent Disobedience

Guide dog is helping a blind man in the city, service dog, service animal

How Guide Dogs Change Lives

Thinking for Yourself and the Art of Intelligent Disobedience

Baby Zora leaping through the snow. Just because I like the photo and she's adorable. via Daily Prompt: Disobey

Southeastern Guide Dogs

GDB breeder dog Stella in front of an American flag


OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - MAY 11: Michelle Carson, a visually impaired guide dog handler from Tracy, and her guide dog Rhiannon, of Guide Dogs for the Blind, ...

Are you struggling with training your Rottweiler, or thinking about getting a Rottweiler puppy? Does your Rottweiler ignore you or disobey your commands and ...

Non-Coddled Puppies Grow Up to be Best Guide Dogs

Seeing Eye Dogs

Pick of the Litter - Cleveland International Film Festival :: March 25 - April 5, 2020

Intelligent Disobedience Leadership | The Difference Between Good and Great Leaders

Siberian Huskies as Guide Dogs!

University Level – Dog Scholarship

Amazon.com: Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You're Told to Do Is Wrong (Audible Audio Edition): Ira Chaleff, Dave Clark, Berrett-Koehler ...

On the right is their first guide dog puppy, Scotland, at Lake Tahoe in 2014.

The benefit of service dogs is often overlooked.

Two photos of guide dog Kirk

looking out window

Army veteran | Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy. Arsenio and guide dog ...

The bright and beautiful Breeze, a wonderful pet dog

'Pick of the Litter' Film Review: 5 Adorable Puppies Embark on an Incredible Journey

person. aka Guide Dog Foundation


Golden labrador lying down and resting its head on its paws. Guide dogs ...

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA - MAY 11: A dog handler and a Golden retriever puppy with Guide Dogs for the Blind look for their assigned seat aboard an Alaska ...

Two photos of guide dog Wendell

A Vet Explains Why Dominance Doesn't Work in Dog Training

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