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9 Reasons Why Dorm Life Is Actually The Worst Tips Freshman

9 Reasons Why Dorm Life Is Actually The Worst Tips Freshman


9 Reasons Why Dorm Life Is Actually The Worst| Tips| Freshman| College

1. Roommates are always in your space

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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At UMass Amherst

5 Cheap(ish) Things for Every College Dorm5 Cheap(ish) Things for Every College Dorm

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The 10 Worst Things About Living In A Dorm

Typically, the rooms in Munroe consist of two people to a room along with a Jack and Jill style bathroom, although, there are single rooms available.

How I survived dorm life, and how you will too

The Pros and Cons of NYU's Freshman Dorms

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Georgia Tech

The 10 Best And Worst Parts Of College Dorm Life

Power strip: This is the holy grail of an essential dorm room item. Odds are you are only going to get one outlet to yourself when living in a dorm, ...

Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Dorms At Baylor University

Dorm Room Takeover Desk Decoration With Salmon Throw Blanket, Wall Paper Desk Top and Colorful

Your dorm will probably be small, so don't bring so much stuff!

Super Fancy Dorm Rooms Are the Worst

People Are Horrified By These Images Of Temp Dorms At Purdue University. The School Says It's "Typical."

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COLLEGE MOVE IN & DORM TOUR | Miami University | emilyOandbows

As for assignment, sign up for housing ASAP, especially if you want to live in New/North or Birnkrant, because rooms go fast.

The following categories may or may not be directly influenced by my friends and my personal experiences in college thus far…(but they actually are 100%).

Bad Roommate Horror Stories College Advice

“I can't decide if freshman year was the worst year of my life ...or the best.”

1. A Tarot tapestry in three different cards and sizes for anyone who needs the perfect wall hanging to ~suit~ their space.

Students relaxing in dorm room

The Ultimate Ranking of Case Western Reserve University Dorms

Young Millennials and Gen Z students report higher rates of anxiety and depression than ever before. We need to understand why so we can do something about ...

Towson 2018 Freshman Survival Guide

Bask in the Glory of This Dramatic Email Sent to a UCLA Freshman by Her Future Roommate

Your Worst Penn State Freshman Roommate Horror Stories: Part Two

Cramped dorm rooms cause freshmen frustration

Living in a Dorm

Ranking Of The Worst Dorms At The University Of Florida

The ...

I'm awkward.

Manage Your Marriage for Freshmen


COLLEGE DORM ROOM TOUR! Washington University in St. Louis

After my freshman year, I moved into my first apartment with a couple of friends I met from my dorm. Apartment hunting at 19 definitely isn't fun and ...

the freshman collection

The Ultimate Ranking Of Virginia Tech Dorms

Dorm room. (Rilueda/istock)

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The 7 Best and Worst Roommates You Can Have

44 things I learned my freshman year of college.

Leave the Fairy Lights at Home

Click here for a full-sized version of the cheat sheet

I will, however, compare the pros and cons of each one and you'll quickly realize that if you're lucky enough to live in any Michigan State dorm, ...

Freshmen Year: University Hall (U-Hall for short!)

A Day in the Life of a College Student

Not the shared showers though…

Freshman Year of College Lessons

nyu campus

The freshman guide to dorms. Frequently busy during the day, the pedestrian bridge connects many SDSU dorms to campus.


Try to keep your door open as much as possible and make new friends from your hall, because that's what really makes your experience the best it can be.

New Longstreet-Means Residence Hall Opening to Freshmen

Honestly, it doesn't matter where you wind up living your first year because all four freshman halls are great. Wherever you get placed, you will feel at ...


Home sweet home: Dorm edition

University of Michigan's North Campus

The hazard: STDs

Shopping for dorm room supplies when your child goes off to college can be overwhelming.

Known for it's architectural beauty and stunning interiors, Hill House is just one of several examples of Sarah Lawrence's renowned dorms.

Fetishizing stuff like this is a problem because it places a premium on certain kind of privilege, usually white, and it tells young women who ...

Honestly, it doesn't matter where you wind up living your first year because all four freshman halls are great. Wherever you get placed, you will feel at ...

view of NYC 9/11 memorial from above

A college living space.

Amazing dorm room makeovers in 2017 — see the before-and-after photos - INSIDER

dorm room

You're fit, but my gosh, don't you just know it


An Update on Residential Life at Notre Dame

Unless you're a commuter or happen to know someone in the city that'll let you stay at their place, odds are you'll live in a dorm your freshman year of ...


WolframAlpha is an excellent tool for college math classes.

9 Reasons to Settle Instead of Go to Divorce Court

IU Neighborhoods

Everything in the dorms involve the RA. Yes, that's right. there is an end of the year walk-through where all of your damages are excessed.

9 Pros & Cons of Studying Abroad as a Freshman

The newly renovated Zura Hall houses many SDSU freshman.