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3 main signs that you do need a wheel alignment 1Abnormal tire

3 main signs that you do need a wheel alignment 1Abnormal tire


The car pulls to one side. When your hands are ...

How to Avoid Heat-Related Car Problems

3 Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tires Roadworthy

Figure 10 - Measuring wheel base for single and tandem drive axles.

Add air or replace tires as needed. Spin the wheel to check for badly bent rims, dragging brakes, and loose wheel lugs.

Like the furniture caster, the tire finds the path of least resistance by following behind the steering axis line. This tendency of the wheels to continue ...

Figure 21 - Basic wheel alignment equipment.

Gerber Auto Care

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One of the most overlooked yet highly critical parts of the drive-axle and steering assembly are the wheel bearings. Every wheel on your car is attached to ...

Major or minor? You'll never know unless you scan for error codes, so it's best to get a diagnosis right away to prevent further problems.

When the front of the tire points outward from the vehicle, the tire has toe-out. You can see toe-in and toe-out by looking a Figure 6, which you are ...

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9 Signs You Need an Oil Change | Discount Tire Centers

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Understanding 3 Essential Car Fluids

Common caster specifications range from one half degree to three degrees, with a maximum of about seven degrees. Caster can be positive or negative.


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wheel bearing

Don't let your Local mechanic fool you with jargons. Let's put you through the dynamics of your car!

7 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Ride in Top Shape

What are Signs of Bad or Failing Wheel Bearings

Why You Should Fix Car's Paint Scratch Immediately

It allows the inner and outer wheel to turn at different angles so that both wheels can negotiate the turn without scrubbing, as shown in Figure 9.

For a moment you feel confused-you should've passed over the hole without any of your tyres hitting ...

How long does your car clutch last?

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Steering wheel (Off center) -; 2.

A slow ramp up of the new-generation Continental GT (pictured) was one of the reasons Bentley lost money in the first three quarters of 2018.

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Rescuing Your Car From Rust

1. Abnormal tire wear

Below are photos of last week's diagnostics. Car Talk / Symptoms ...

Figure 15 - Tire condition can indicate alignment problems.

Auto Repair Shop, Brakes, Oil Changes, Used Car Sales: Salt Lake City, UT: Automotive Solutions

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Tires can make many noises, some are normal wear and tear while others might be a sign of a bad tire. A constant humming sound that changes according to the ...

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Follow these steps to change your vehicle's Tire-

On smaller wheels, the camber/caster gauge is usually fitted directly to the wheel hub instead of the wheel rim. Follow the equipment OEM's instructions.


abnormal tire wear

How to Drive Safely in Stop-and-Go Traffic


Wobbling is that sign of a bad tire that is usually visible. Wobbling typically happens only at low speeds and you can physically feel the car bounce up and ...

You can now count Ford among those companies who are using 3D printing. But what you might not know is that the American automaker is no stranger to the ...

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Figure 1 - Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the tire when viewed from the front of the vehicle.

Below are photos of last week's diagnostics. Car Talk / Symptoms ...

... C125274 C125275; 6. SP–6 SUSPENSION – FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT ...


This varies by model; consult your service manual for determining which parts need to be removed from your vehicle.

7.1.0 Track Roller Frame Alignment with Sprocket

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First off, rotors help stop your car by slowing the rotation of the wheels after pressure is applied to the brake pads. Therefore, rotors are used ...

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The bearings were loaded into the hub, along with a new seal, and then installed onto the spindle. Pro tip: spin the rotor several times as you tighten and ...

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Photo de MJL Under Chassis & Vulcanizing Shop.

Driving through the desert -Discount Tire and Service Centers

Tata Manza Quadrajet, Safire | Fuel Economy In Automobiles | Fuel Injection

How you can clean leather seats in your car

On newer equipment, you will find the use of hydraulic pressure to balance spring equipment.


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The main purpose is to determine Top Dead Center (TDC) on the first cylinder. Consult the engine repair manual as these will differ by model.

Chapter 3. Power train Clutch The design of the clutch is shown on fig. 3-1. The clutch release fork 11 (fig. 3-1) can be of two types: with a leaf or wire ...

2019 Audi e-tron ready to go in Abu DhabiAUDI

How you can lubricate the doors of your car

1. Abnormal noises

Below are photos of last week's diagnostics. Car Talk / Symptoms ...


SAI cannot be changed without replacing parts, but the included angle will change when the camber is changed.

Step 6- Replace the lower ball joint castle nut and cotter pin.

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Operational Obstetrics & Gynecology · Bureau of Medicine and Surgery · 2000 Slide 19 Your Plan

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Download figure ...

Glad to have you, Glad to show you how good we make this Patterson-Greenfield Automobile. It will pay you to come and look around.”

you feel the brake pedal is jammed or hard or it's so loose that it goes and touch the surface of your car, maybe you have problems in your master cylinder.