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2019 Apr 13 Marianne Franklin Whos afraid of Julian Assange and

2019 Apr 13 Marianne Franklin Whos afraid of Julian Assange and


Who's afraid of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? 15 April 2019

Julian Assange gestures as he arrives at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, after the

2019 May 1: SueletteD: Major irony in sentence

Daniel Ellsberg

11 Apr 2019. Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is a political prisoner for revealing the truth | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Ron paul, Political prisoners, Politics

2019 Apr 20 Noam Chomsky - How the left has responded | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Noam chomsky, Captions, Buttons

12 Apr 2019. Julian Assange gestures as he arrives at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, after the

2019 Mar 4: NM: John Pilger: The Prisoner Says No To Big Brother | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | New big brother, Sayings, Prison

... Mairead MaGuire, accepts the GUE/NGL prize for 'Journalists, Whistleblowers and Defenders of the Right to Information' on behalf of Julian Assange.

In this file photo taken on May 19, 2017 Wikileaks founder Julian Assange raises his

2019 Apr 13: Marianne Franklin: Who's afraid of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?

'Fix Fakebook' protest

2019 Apr 16: Father Dave: Sydney Rally | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Logos, Rally, Captions

They're just not around, as if Assange was not an Australian citizen. That is not the correct way of dealing with that.”

Yanis Varoufakis on | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Donald trump, Trump we, Politics

9 Mar 2019. Chelsea Manning at the Out100 Event in New York, 2017.

2019 Apr 4: UK: London residents gather at Ecuadorian Embassy to support Assange aft

Assange Request To Postpone Alleged Rape Hearing Due To Bad Health Denied (RT)

Mr Trump, who had declared 'I love WikiLeaks' during his 2016 campaign when

2018 June 19: Julie Hyland (for WSWS & SEP UK) at Solidarity Vigil

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrives at the Westminster Magistrates Court, after he was arrested in London, Britain April 11, 2019 Reuters

Theranos and EPO

Aside from being nominated multiple times for the Nobel Peace Prize, including in 2019 by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Maguir, Julian Assange has won ...

julian assange cropped with un header

I was thinking when I saw the “conversation” that Hunt is basically implying Assange tortured himself. And that doesn't just demonstrate poor knowledge of ...

2014 May 22: AFP: Ken Loach in Cannes on Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning

Glenn Greenwald went on the warpath Thursday morning following the arrest of Julian Assange in London.

howard wilkinson

Jonah Goldberg

Assange (pictured above) has overseen the publication of more than 10 million documents

2018 Oct 23: El expresidente ecuatoriano se pronuncia en RT respecto a las presiones de

In these last eight years, I have never heard Julian Assange complain even ...

A protester displays a placard during a demonstration in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on May 2, 2019 AFP


Trump Sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One

Perception Management william barr cbs jan crawford 60 minutes may 31 2019

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 33.42 – March 27, 2019 by Echo Publications - issuu

Corbyn (pictured today) broke this silence this evening to urge the UK government not

April 30, 2019

There are two more suspicious elements: the fact that the UK authorities destroyed the emails regarding the Assange case, as they admitted in my litigation ...

Attorney General William Barr testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., May 1, 2019. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters)

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File). FILE - In this Wednesday,

The election of AMLO: Optimism and skepticism in Mexico


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Biden takes fight directly to Trump in White House campaign launch | Daily Mail Online

Jason Cochran ✓

... julian assange head book

April 29, 2019

The C4 Show Podcast

Rawls is a Southern Mississippi soul-blues legend who cut his teeth with ZZ Hill, and Joe Tex before becoming O.V. Wright's band leader.

Julian Assange Shows Psychological Torture Symptoms – UN Expert (G.)

Trump/Neocon efforts to start a space war/arms race will lead to destruction of our country and planet. # Tulsi2020

Francois Legault

Biden takes fight directly to Trump in White House campaign launch | Daily Mail Online

Wall Street Journal, After 40 Years, C-Span's Founder Signs Off, Kyle Peterson, April 20, 2019 (print ed.). Brian Lamb (shown at right), the man who put ...

Who is Julian Assange: A criminal or a victim? (DEBATE)

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FILE – In this Dec. 13, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump listens during a meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington.

Glenn Greenwald on | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Twitter, Me quotes, Captions

Issue 182 (Mid-April 2019)

May 13, 2019

Anna Szech


Julian Assange wearing a suit and tie: Assange speaking from the balcony of the Ecuadorian

Jordan Peele's Us is a Terrifying Exploration of the Duality of Human Nature

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has said that the rape case against Assange was reopened as a result of “considerable political pressure on ...

Higgins, Jenkins, King

Fantasy fiction fans in Colorado take note: New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop will be discussing her new Ace novel, WILD COUNTRY, on Thursday ...

The official touted the “relatively good communication” between the U.S. and China in recent weeks, but warned the country is not afraid to protect itself ...

EndrTimes: JULIAN ASSANGE WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Secrets from inside the embassy | 60 Min.

In August Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth rich. Julian Assange also suggested in August that Seth Rich ...


Techmeme: Uber's S-1 reveals that Uber paid Google ~$58M to use Google Maps from 2016-2018 and that Uber uses Google's public cloud in addition to AWS ...

Biden talks with officials after speaking at a rally in support of striking Stop & Shop. +13

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'THE STORY' Gowdy: Russia probe is being handled the right way

Chelsea Manning leaving court in March after testifying before a grand jury in the investigation against

In this April 11 2019 file

Former Vice President Joe Biden talks to the media in Washington, D.C., April 5, 2019. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Alan Waldman sm crp

For decades, Day has been a culturally polarizing figure. The mere mention of her name causes some to sneer, whereas, in part a response to that type of ...

George Abood

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The West is Failing Julian Assange

There is still time to vote for Fatima Farheen Mirza's A PLACE FOR US (SJP for Hogarth), our Penguin Random House finalist for the 2019 “One Book, ...

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File). FILE - In this May 1

2019 Apr 14 Vigil at Belmarsh Prison | OP Speech ABOUT Julian & Wikileaks | Prison, Captions

TALKERS | May 14, 2019